Data Auditing for
Postgres & Mysql

Statetrace connects to your Postgres and MySQL databases and correlates row changes with events happening in your application to give you a complete audit history.

An easier way to track your changing data

Statetrace was born after experiencing how data audit logs can transform the way businesses make decisions, from the seed round to unicorn.

Database auditing made simple

No complicated triggers or programming necassary. Our integration is low-profile and doesn't interfere with your current application.

  • Track row level changes

    Statetrace integrates with Postgres's logical replication and pgoutput to provide a row level audit history on most standard Postgres deployments.

  • Integrate into your application

    Use our libraries to annotate your database transactions to provide user and session information about when the change was made.

  • Control your data

    Select tables and individual columns to log and hide the ones you want to keep secret with cryptographic hashing.

Empower your business

Database auditing does a lot more than complete a compliance checkbox, it transforms the way your business operates and solves problems. Start enabling your team to answer your customers' questions about their data today.

  • Create customer success superstars

    Put the power in your team's hands to investigate issues and solve problems. Retrace customers actions to help solve your data mysteries.

  • Protect your reputation

    Having a detailed audit log protects your business against accusations of incorrect data and helps to pinpoint the source of the error.

Want to start protecting your business?

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Stream Changes

Push changes anywhere you need them.

Statetrace connects to data warehouses, webhooks, and more.


Push changes efficiently to HTTP services to trigger events based on database changes.

Easy Sync

Stay synchronized with ElasticSearch or other backends, where the data needs to be kept up to date with prod.

Database Replication

Replicate your data to warehouses for powerful time-travel and analytics.

Integrate with your favorite framework

Statetrace works with any framework out-of-the-box with just a few lines of code. We additionally are working on official libraries to make things even easier.

Ruby On Rails


Drop-in Compliance

Satisfy HIPAA or other data audit requirements with simple deployments in your company's cloud.

  • Deploy in your cloud

    AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, and GCP. Deploy anywhere that has a writable Postgres database and can run docker images.

  • Docker Based Deployments

    Ready to use Docker images let you get started in a few clicks.

  • Keep ownership of your data.

    100% of data collected stays in your cloud. This makes compliance audits easy and legal happy.

  • Technology built on standards

    Statetrace's application data is stored in Postgres, making it easy to audit, backup and integrate.

Frequently asked questions

Does Statetrace require special Postgres extensions or triggers?

No. Statetrace uses logical replication and pgoutput which are standard on postgres installations.

What about database x?

Drop us a line at [email protected] with your favorite database to see if we can add it.

What about framework y?

Drop us a line at [email protected] with your favorite framework to see if we can add it.

Do I need to modify my application?

Only if you want meta information such as who made the changes and what page they were made. Statetrace can still track row changes without any changes to your application. Integration is typically as easy as adding a middleware.

Do you offer a hosted version?

A hosted version of Statetrace is in the pipeline however due to compliance issues and the sensitivity of replicating database changes, on-premises is a priority.

Can I use Statetrace for more than one environment?

Statetrace can monitor as many databases as the host machine will allow. Contact [email protected] for larger instances.

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